Interested in joining the Phils?

Why, thank you! We’re flattered and excited that you’ve taken a minute to look into how one becomes a “Phil”.

Acceptance into the Phils is by audition only. Auditions are held at the beginning of every fall semester, generally during the first week of classes. The exact dates and times change, but there will be flyers and other forms of publicity posted before the actual audition.

Auditions take place over the span of 3 days: two of open auditions and one of callbacks. An applicant need only attend one night of open auditions. Nothing needs to be prepared for open auditions. All music will be taught at the audition as well as other applicable information given out.

Both days of open auditions will run as follows: applicants will arrive, fill out applications, warm up with the group, learn two pieces (one for blend, one for solo), and then wait until they are called. Each individual, when called, will be given a range test to determine vocal part, interval tests, and will then be asked to sing each of the two songs with various members of the group.

If called back, applicants will be asked to prepare an a cappella solo of their choice. They will once again warm up with the group, learn another song to sing with the group, and then wait until called. Once called, they will sing the group song with selected members of the group as well as their prepared solo. In addition, the group members may interview the applicant at this time.

Notification of results for both rounds will be through the email provided on the application form.

Thanks for your interest! We can’t wait to see you at auditions!